RCF's President, Attorney lend efforts and expertise to organization "that picks up where RCF left off"

Stephen Brady, President of RCF, Inc since 1996, and RCF Attorney  and Board member Jim Bendell, have been asked to sit on the Board of A Chicago based Not For Profit Corporation that picks up where RCF left off.

Founder Thomas Hampson, a lifelong investigator with a passion for justice, wanted to use the knowledge and skills he has acquired throughout his long career in a way that could make a difference. What he learned directing a five year State of Illinois investigation into the sexual exploitation of children during the late 1970’s still troubles him today.    The sexual abuse scandal that erupted in the Catholic church in 2002 made him realize that little had changed in the efforts to identify and prosecute child molesters. Politicians still give lip service to the problem. Law enforcement agencies still frequently fail to prosecute these cases because of the difficulty in obtaining convictions when children are victims. Religious groups and private organizations still try to cover up details about, and the extent of the offenses committed by their own people. Some cover up the offenses altogether, and a few facilitate the crimes. With the exception of some sensational headlines now and then, little notice is given to the true magnitude of the problem or to the failure of our institutions to keep our children safe.

Hampson believes this has to stop. He started the Truth Alliance Foundation to enlist committed Christians to join with him in exposing the scope and the depth of this evil. “No problem can be solved without first seeing the problem clearly.” The goal of the group is to expose the full dimensions of the problem and to promote corrective action by the appropriate groups or agencies.

For more than 40 years Mr. Hampson has been conducting complex investigations both for the government and for corporations. He started his career in Air Force intelligence during the Vietnam war. After his military service he became an Investigator and later Chief Investigator for an agency of the State of Illinois, where he focused on complex civil and criminal investigations. He acquired extensive experience investigating organized crime groups, extremist organizations, fraud, sex crimes especially against children, and sexual trafficking. For the last 20 years he has conducted investigations for the private sector, mostly for corporations. During his career he has conducted investigations throughout the United States and in more than 120 countries around the world. He is married and has three grown children.

Mr. Hampson became acquainted with the RCF almost 3 years ago when he was retained by the State of Illinois to work on a special project. During that investigation Hampson sought the insight and advice of Stephen Brady regarding handling of certain cases Brady had worked on. After the completion of that project, Hampson decided to start the Truth Alliance Foundation.

One of the cases the group will look into is the 1998 unsolved murder of an individual who was working with Brady on sexual abuse cases at the time of his murder.

Stephen Brady was drafted into the Army after leaving Purdue Univ.. He was trained as a police officer and spent more than a year on special assignment in Illinois after receiving a Secret Security Clearance from the Federal Government.

The Truth Alliance Foundation is a 501 C-3 tax exempt organization. Donations can be sent to:

Truth Alliance Foundation
869 E. Schaumburg Rd. Suite # 139
Schaumburg, IL 60194

Or by contacting Stephen Brady,
PO Box 109,
Petersburg, IL 62675

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