Who are the Roman Catholic Faithful?

The Roman Catholic Faithful (RCF) is simply what our name states: we are Catholics who are faithful to the teachings of the Holy Father and the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. Some of our members are priests, others are religious, but most are ordinary laity. Our diverse membership has a common goal -- to fight actively and spiritually to restore Holy Mother Church.

Within the Church there are many wonderful organizations devoted to all aspects of our faith and to morality. RCF is unique in that its goal is strictly activism to restore the Catholic Faith. All activities, newsletters, and workshops will focus on this goal. Membership in RCF is likewise unique. We are looking for ACTIVIST MEMBERS -- people who, when contacted, will write letters or send faxes, make phone calls, participate in demonstrations, be willing to stand up, and perhaps even to be persecuted. (When one follows Christ, one is often asked to follow Him to Calvary.)

In addition to "Martha" action takers, we need "Mary" prayer activists as PRAYER AUXILIARY MEMBERS. Circumstances can prevent people from writing, calling, or demonstrating. To win this battle, we need people who will "storm heaven" in behalf of our efforts. Of course, you can be both an Activist Member and a Prayer Auxiliary Member! Our prayer life (together with the potent weapons of frequent Holy Mass, Confession, the reading of and meditation upon Scripture, and the Holy Rosary) is the power behind our actions.

We also need financial support to take this crusade to the national and international levels. We are all volunteers in this non-profit endeavor. Every penny collected will go toward fighting abuses within the Catholic Church. As membership in RCF grows, we anticipate possibly hiring a few people to handle the routine paperwork, documentation, research, mailings, and correspondence.

Why was RCF founded?

In 1994, Stephen Brady of Petersburg, IL began protesting the fact some Eucharistic ministers and others in his local parish were responsible, either as teachers in the public school or as members of the school board, for instructing his children in the use of condoms. Despite many requests, neither the pastor of St. Peter's nor the bishop of the Springfield diocese would meet personally with Stephen to discuss his concerns. It was relayed to Stephen, however, that "... there are many interpretations of the Church's position on birth control."(??!!) He could not accept this response and continued his protest. Stephen's business is being boycotted and he and his family are being threatened and harassed -- but he keeps up his fight for Truth.

Stephen took his story to the media, hoping that others would join him in pressing for the teachings of the Church be followed in this area. Many did! The number of Catholics from all over the diocese who attended RCF's first meeting in March 1996 was astounding, as was the outpouring of support from people who were unable to attend. Diocesan folks attended, made notes, expressed their views -- and took attendance. A 2-tape set of audio cassettes, the Plan of Action, and the Agenda from this meeting are available from RCF for $15.00.

The Wanderer gave wonderful coverage to the RCF and exposed some of the serious abuses occurring in the Springfield diocese. Questions began to pour in from laity and ecclesiastics in the U.S. and other countries seeking to start similar groups. As a result, it was decided to expand RCF to the national (and probably the international) level.

The lack of Catholic leadership has helped bring about the destruction of the family and society as we know it. There are still a few bishops who stand tall. Their efforts deserve our recognition, support, and praise. RCF plans to publicize their good work.

With God's grace, help from Rome, sound spiritual direction, and under the protective mantle of Our Lady, the RCF headquarters office will coordinate and initiate efforts: to take back parishes and dioceses from the radical feminists and modernists; restore our churches; end liturgical and doctrinal abuses; and stop the sex education programs which rob our children of their innocence.

Where is RCF going?

We organized to help one another in our own diocese, and are expanding to help people in all locales fight for the restoration of the Faith. Here just a few points on our agenda:

  • We need a victory to be taken seriously by the hierarchy, so we will concentrate on the abuses in one diocese at a time for now. As we succeed in defeating the modernists and feminists and restoring the Faith, slowly but surely we will become recognized as a powerful force for Truth. We do not want to be spread too thin. It took the Church thirty years to reach this state; barring supernatural intervention, it's going to take time to restore Her. We must be patient and persevering!

  • We ask people to watch how the money taken in by their parishes and dioceses is being used. If questionable programs or projects are being paid for by your donations, cut funding off! You DO have a moral obligation to support the Church, but be judicious in how you do it. Consider sending your money directly to the Holy Father or to other authentic Catholic organizations. How about arranging to personally pay/mail in utility bills to prevent your contributions from being used in objectionable ways?

  • We are willing to go international. If you have contacts with Catholic organizations abroad, please send us their names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and their e-mail addresses.

  • We ask editors to consider pooling their resources by working with us to hopefully put together one national publication with reports from all over.

  • We plan, if the situation warrants, to demonstrate 20,000 strong outside the Papal Pro Nuncio's office in Washington, D.C., until he takes action. If this does not work, we will take our case to Rome, complete with a torchlight prayer demonstration.

To achieve the above, we need information, ideas, prayers, and financial and moral support from loyal Roman Catholics throughout the Church. Without it, victory is impossible.

Why does the RCF need me?

The sole purpose of RCF is to actively (and prayerfully) restore the Roman Catholic Church. Since this is a spiritual battle, we assume that all members are prayerful (if you lack in this area, return to saying the rosary and doing mental prayer on a daily basis). We are looking for people who are willing to write letters or send faxes, and make phone calls when contacted. We need people who are willing to participate in public demonstrations when more active protest is called for. In other words, we are looking for those who are willing to follow Christ, even to the point of persecution.

Learning from the successes (and the failures) of others can save a lot of valuable time as we work to "turn it around." TOGETHER, actively and prayerfully united, we can help assure that upon His return our Lord will find the True Faith flourishing (cf. Luke 18:8). We must preserve the Church for the sake of souls -- our own, those of our children and grandchildren, and the souls of all of God's children. Only by praying at all times, taking action when it's needed, and educating where it's necessary, can we restore and preserve our Faith.

If you fit these criteria, we need you to join the Roman Catholic Faithful. If you'd like to join us as an Activist Member and/or as a member of our Prayer Auxiliary, print out, complete and mail the enrollment form on the bottom of this page. Contact us, too, if you have any unanswered questions about the RCF.

We are asking a $25 membership donation to cover reproduction and mailing costs. (God needs everyone in this battle, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds.) RCF will keep you apprised of our activities (including our national advertising plans). We will let you know about what is going on elsewhere, send you our newsletter and other information, and keep you in our prayers.

Why do I need the RCF?

If you are concerned about what is happening within the Church today and have tried to improve things within your diocese or parish, you have probably found that it is often difficult (or even impossible) to accomplish things alone. But, as stated previously, when your efforts are assisted by the prayers and sacrifices of many others (cf. Matt. 18:20-21), when you are united with people in your area to stop abuses and you are not alone as you "fight the good fight," you will be a better warrior.

You may need guidance on how to proceed, on whom to contact, Church document references, the names of organizations within or outside of the Church which might be able to help you, how others have tackled similar problems, and how to follow through so that you can fight abuses most effectively. RCF can and wants to help you!


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