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The recent Roman Catholic newsletter mentioned a letter sent to a number of organizations asking that we "stand with Roman Catholic Faithful (RCF) and demand justice from Church officials."  RCF's Mission Statement "accept[s] the authority of the Holy Father and all bishops in union with him,"  but will not "blindly follow, while many in the hierarchy allow the Holy Catholic Church to be torn apart and assaulted by the forces of Modernism, Syncretism, Heresy, and the gross immorality of some of its clergy. As parents and teachers, we will not allow our Catholic youth to be robbed of their faith or have their innocence destroyed…"

Somehow Roman Catholic Faithful's letter asking us to stand with them got by us and we failed to respond.  MW is saddened to learn that Catholics United for the Faith (CUF) did respond and would not support RCF's efforts.  Apparently CUF, once a strong leader for the Faith, has abandoned that position and now refuses to criticize even the most notorious bishops, adopting instead the position of not "making any waves."

We humbly apologize to RCF and respond now, hopefully better late than never.  We want our readers to know that MW believes that we must stand together and pray together to "demand justice from Church officials" whose actions have been putting innocent children in our Catholic schools in harms way with their mandated sex curriculums. 

Mothers' Watch is very grateful to Roman Catholic Faithful for their strong and courageous stand for the children and the Church.  If the Faith and morals of our youth are destroyed as is happening in Catholic schools, what is to be the future of our beloved Church?

We urge our readers to contact Roman Catholic Faithful.  Their address is:

Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc.
PO Box 109
Petersburg, IL 62675-0109



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