Statement of Support for
Roman Catholic Faithful
Rev. Malachi Martin

Blessings on your endeavors. I will be praying for you all.

These days and months of 1997, there seems to be a long and slow but steady sunset all over the Roman Catholic Church organization of Pope John Paul II. And no matter what he does, no matter how large the crowds at his "mega-Masses", no matter how many prayers are offered day and night by the Saints in the Church: no matter how many authenticated appearances of the Blessed Virgin Mary are granted us (often with manifest miracles): no matter how many seers and visionaries--- stigmatists among them--- bring us warning messages from beyond the created cosmos of man; nothing, but nothing seemingly arrests the oncoming darkness of a night feared by every believing Christian alive today.

We would have to be blind not to see that our human day as Roman Catholics is declining inexorably into that ever-encroaching darkness. Nor is this anything like the welcoming darkness of night beckoning us to enter into a well-earned sleep in preparation for a glorious and still more strenuous tomorrow. Far from it.

Rather, all the reliable signs tell us--and Christ Himself advised us in no uncertain terms to be diligent in reading the "signs of the times"--that this is the sepulchral darkness which will entomb a spent age and its dessicated institutions and organizations. These are the shades of the charnel-house now awaiting us at the end of our Catholic times. It all fits. So dreadfully. So sadly.

Even though we are sure we always will have a Pope of Rome until the end of all human time, it is still a sad scene. And especially so when we realize the horrible nature of that darkness. It is not a question of mere heresy--false teaching--nor of schism as a revolt against authority. This, my friends and fellow Catholics, is the darkness of apostasy: the systematic evacuation of basic Roman Catholic dogmas by those in charge of teaching the Faithful.

On the testimony of competent observers from all over North and South America as well as from Europe and from official Rome itself, the regime of His Eminence, Cardinal Mahony, has been marked by a steady de-Romanization and de-Catholicization of the once flourishing Los Angeles archdiocese.

Many priests, nuns, bishops--under His Eminence's jurisdiction--are not espousing the teaching of the Church. They follow another agenda. Under the guise of the "Spirit of Vatican II" as a catch-all for any whim and capric, there occur unauthorized liturgical innovations (for example: standing during the Consecration, omission of parts of the Mass, "liturgical" dancing, invalid bread used for Holy Communion, etc.etc.). There are rampant spiritual and canonical abuses (general absolution in place of individual confession, the use of an invalid formula for absolution, First Communion before First Reconciliation for children as the norm, sex education for children that is designed to rob them of their innocence, the pouring of Consecrated Wine down the waste faucets of bathrooms, etc.etc.). Church buildings are renovated on the basis of Environment and Art in Catholic Worship" But this document was never approved by the National Conferences of Catholic Bishops, and it reflects the personal ideas of certain individuals about whose faith one can have very legitimate doubts.

What observers remark is that an overall plan for radical change is being implemented-- but in small increments, without the overall goal being frankly and candidly stated. Many of these observers will aver that the not so obvious aim of all this change is the establishment of another non-Roman Catholic form of our Faith.

It is, then, a lugubrious fact that, bit by bit, without their knowing it, or realizing it, great sections of the Church in North America headed by their clergy are being led by the nose out of Catholicism and into the darkness of a very comfortable apostasy.

One of the most important statements of the Second Vatican Council emphasizes the new role that the Roman Catholic laity are called upon to play in the life of the Church. We know that more than once in the 2,000 year history of the Church, the laity have been used, as the Council teaches, by the Holy Spirit in order to protect, nourish and preserve the Church.

Lo! and behold! In our day, and precisely when it was most needed, the Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc. (RCF) organization has sprung up in Illinois. When it began in 1996, somebody referred to it as "a little pebble" on the mountain-side of a huge Church. But, let me tell you, this little pebble rolling down that mountain-side is producing an avalanche of faithful Catholics who will no longer tolerate this apostasy from our Roman Catholic Faith. The RCF has members in all 50 states and abroad in half-a-dozen countries. RCF is dedicated to the defense of Orthodoxy and the Holy Father. It is engaged in activities from New York to California, from Illinois to Florida.

The ever-swelling number of members in the RCF will now make sure that His Eminence Cardinal Mahony as well as other bishops, will be reminded by voices from 100,000 throats:

--that he is only one of over 4,000 bishops in the Church, all of whom --like him-- are subject to the infallible teaching of the papacy, past and present;

--that, while by papal permission, he has jurisdiction over the Los Angeles archdiocese, he has no personal jurisdiction over the Church Universal and its dogmas;

--that he, like all us sinners, will have to render to Our Lord Jesus a strict accounting of his Los Angeles stewardship;

--that his chief obligation is to preserve and foment the Faith in that diocese; and any deliberate neglect or infringement of that obligation is punishable with Hellfire.

Let no Catholic shrink from admonishing priests, bishops, or Cardinals, if they act in ways that are irreconcilable with the Faith of our Fathers. This is Papal teaching, this is the teaching of the Church Councils, this is the teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas: We have an obligation to do so. The simple but painful fact is that even higher members of the Church's hierarchy are quite capable of treason.

Let us, in our generation, do our duty by Holy Mother Church, so that those who come after us in the generation of the Faithful, will say about us: They were giants in Faith, and they fought the good fight.

† Malachi B. Martin

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