Dear Steve:

Mitch and I, and millions of Catholics worldwide, owe you and your organization a debt of gratitude for your
never-ending diligence and courage to fight the apostasy in our beloved Catholic Church.

Your mid-1990's exposé to purge the Church of sodomite and the many sodomite sympathetic clergy, at the highest levels, was the very first action taken by anyone, in our memory.

You persevered then, and you continue to persevere, through the most cruel persecution and attacks against you and your family by unfaithful clergy and even by their blind sheep, the laity, who should have instead supported and encouraged you in your Holy Crusade.

May God continue to reinforce you, your family and your small mighty army with graces untold, as the perverted scourge is far from over, as you well know.

Mitch and Barbara Kralis, Directors
Jesus Through Mary Foundation
Howe, TX 75459


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