TopCAbear, in these instant messages, originally printed on the back of parish letterhead, is a name used by Fr. Lastiri and is directly linked to him at (Warning: portions contain graphic and offensive photos)

TopCAbear and Basqueoso are directly linked to streaming emails through Yahoo and Google search engines.

These emails contain solicitations for sex posted during specific travels by Fr. Lastiri on specific dates. Several of the postings also lead back to Fr. Lastiri's web page at

To access this web page, go to, click on the search tab (upper right tool bar) and type Basqueoso (Merced, CA) (Warning: portions contain graphic and offensive photos) (UPDATE: THIS PROFILE HAS BEEN REMOVED SINCE THE STORY HAS GONE PUBLIC)


Merced, CA

View samples of Fr. Lastiri's posted profile at basqueoso) and America Online (as TopCAbear)


Read several of the many solicitations for sex that Fr. Lastiri posted on


Superior Court Files #29892 for Tulare Co. California report that Joe Banuelos, a convicted felon, was hired by Fr. Mike Lastiri who was then Pastor of Holy Family Church, Visalia, CA, and is currently Pastor of St. Patrick's, Merced, CA. Court files report that Banuelos "quite probably...[had] a homosexual relationship with...Father Lastiri." Banuelos was furnished residence by Fr. Lastiri at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, Goshen, CA.  On January 14, 1991, Banuelos sexually assaulted a six-year-old child (the nephew of the Associate Priest at Holy Family Church). The assault took place in the Rectory of St. Thomas the Apostle Church. After Banuelos undressed the child, orally copulated him, he attempted an act of sodomy. After completing the assault, Banuelos returned the victim to the Rectory of Holy Family Church where he was later found by his Mother.

Banuelos advised the Court that he believed he was HIV-positive and that his brother died of A.I.D.S. Banuelos was sentenced to six years in prison. He is registered as a sex offender in Tulare county, CA. The victim's Mother still lives in fear of Banuelos. The Bishop (Steinbock), to date, has taken no action.


Parishioners complain to Bishop Steinbock about Fr. Lastiri's parish leadership and being "so long without a chaste and faithful pastor"


Bishop Steinbock responds to writer's complaint by supporting Lasteri as "a good and dedicated priest, faithful to the magisterium of the Church, living a chaste and faithful life of a good priest" and goes on to accuse the writer of "maliciously" defaming Lasteri and committing a "grave sin against justice"


Bishop Steinbock responds to second writer's complaint by defending Lastiri, calling him "good, faithful priest" and declares that parishioners are "blessed by his presence."

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