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  In the past months and weeks while reporters and editors at The Kansas City Star were preparing their story on the number of Catholic priests who have died and are dying of AIDS, The Wanderer has been probing a different side of the story: a network of gay clergy and bishops who operate a homosexual chat room on the Internet where they speak openly of living the homosexual lifestyle and their animosity toward the Catholic Church.....
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What follows will offend, disgust, and disturb you. Why would we want to do that? Because love demands it! We are called as followers of Christ to "speak the truth in love", but truth and love may not be separated. All our philosophies and theologies aside, we must never forget that we as a church exist for the salvation of souls. ALL SOULS! Human weakness is reality and provides a opportunity for grace to manifest itself, but when weakness is lauded, protected, and promoted, it is then unrepentant and virile and becomes the most destructive form of evil! Pope Paul VI once said the smoke of Satan had entered the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is the domain of the priest and the bishop. We make no accusations concerning any individual, but simply bring this darkness into the light so that the light may deal with it. Jesus spoke to Pontius Pilate and said "The reason I was born, the reason I came into the world is to testify to the truth. He who seeks the truth hears my voice!" We pray that this truth, painful as it is, will help us hear that voice.

Fr. G. (One of the clergy guiding RCF)

The following message was sent to "Angel" members by a priest who is guiding RCF in these matters. 


Re St. Sebastian's Angels

"Roman Catholic Faithful" is an organization made up of Catholic Priests, Sisters and Laity who are trying to protect, preserve, and promote the Faith in "this present evil age".

We have been monitoring a web site, which presents itself as a "chat room" for homosexual priests and bishops. We have a rather large amount of material and your E-mail address was found there.

We accept fully the teaching of the Church that the state of being homosexual is not a sin. However we also accept the teaching that the physical expression of homosexual desires is a seriously sinful action and an unacceptable expression of what the Church has called "an objective moral disorder".

We are not accusing you personally of any crime or sin, however the chat room is a scandal and we have learned that the only response to such darkness is to draw it into the light. The existence of the Chartroom with recorded pictures and messages will be made available to the Church and to others. We do not do this for the sake of bringing scandal but because the Church itself has not shown itself to be capable of dealing with these issues. Given time, we poor weak human beings can come to accept almost anything, but the darkness still hates the light!

We sincerely pray for you and encourage you, if the need is there, to seek God's mercy in the sacrament of Confession and counseling and the assistance of those in authority. You are a priest forever and like all priests, on the day of your ordination or religious profession you freely assumed the cross and the joy of celibacy. We pray that you and all priests may be faithful to that commitment.


Fr. G.


One of the priests who received the letter responded. 
His response is just below this message.

Dear (Fr.) G...


You talk about bringing things into the light. I suggest YOU step out of the "darkness" of your anonymity and into the "light" of recognition.

PLEASE do that ... and I will show you a brand of "darkness" you will not soon forget! You assholes are SO TOUGH when you can hide in the shadows.

Step forward and show yourself, tough man, PLEASE step forth and show yourself.

With heartfelt regard,

(Father) John [last name deleted by RCF]


On 1/20/2000, Father "G" Responded:



(No. 2)

From Fr. “G.”


I have been surprised at the response I have received from some of you to my previous letter.  Filthy language and threats are not what I expected.   I also did not expect such a strong "defense" of the homosexual lifestyle and that prompts me to write this letter.  I am over 50 years old and have been a priest nearly 25 years so I went through the seminary during the years of "confusion".   I studied Loisy and Tyrell and the other modernists.  I learned my "Bornkamm", and my "Bultmann" and "demytholigized" the scripture with the best of them.  Later I studied in New York and in Belgium (Louvain) and when I was ordained I shared the "spirit of Vatican II" with everyone in my parish.

I got a job in the chancery and one day I was asked to fill in for a priest who had just left to get married.  That Saturday evening I sat at his desk and looked at his bookcase and realized I had almost every book that he had.  I don't hear voices or see visions but the words that reverberated through my mind were: This does not lead to life!  I knew those words were true and I began to question and rethink what I had been given.  I tell you this because it seems that some think that those who accept and promote the teaching of the Church are simply unaware of modern theology.  I assure you that is not the case.  I know some rather brilliant people who understand the theology of our time in great depth and simply reject it as being foolishness.   Remember the Bible says that "pride is the reservoir of all sin" and the worst kind of pride is intellectual pride.  To put it simply, do not assume that those who do not accept your point of view need to read a book.  You might be quite amazed at the books they have read.  They reject your point of view, not because they do not understand it, but because they do understand it (perhaps much better than you).

Please remember that we are a "revelation" based religion.  Our truth comes from the sacred scripture, the Magisterium and Holy Tradition.  "Pop" psychology and bad theology can always be used to justify our weakness, but that is all it can do because the truth that brings peace comes only from that which is revealed in the scripture, taught by the Magisterium and lived in the Spirit. 

I ask you to be honest.  Who really loves you?  I have read your dialogue, and seen your pictures and I do not see anyone in your so-called "support groups" caring enough about you to call you to repentance.  Jesus said; "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?"  What is embarrassment weighed against eternal life in Heaven (or in Hell)!  Do not call me judgmental!  I have my own weaknesses as all people do, but if only perfect people can share the teaching of Christ, then the Bible would never have been written.   So, to put it simply, I want you to go to heaven and I want you in your ministry to take as many people with you as you can. If you follow an active homosexual lifestyle, no matter who says it’s fine if you’re "committed", you will be living in mortal sin and those who do so do not go to heaven.   Also, ortho-praxi cannot be separated from ortho-doxy.

Sound morals cannot be separated from sound doctrine.  The violence you must do to truth to justify your sin cripples you in your office as teacher of faith.  You are fond of speaking of the loving, gentle, forgiving Christ, and you are quite right in doing so, but read also of the moneychangers in the temple, the chilling fate of those who "harm my little ones", and do you really think a God who put His own Son on a cross would hesitate to ask a sacrifice from you?  How weak and immature our faith has become if we truly believe that our personal happiness is the criteria for the experience of God's love.  According to the scripture, correction and chastisement are signs of love.  If you cause a child pain by slapping his hand as he reaches for a fire, that is not cruelty.  It is love.  How sad it is that so many people today have lost the image of the all-consuming fire of God's love and have replaced Mathew, Mark, Luke and John with Oprah, Phil, Leeza, and Montel! 

Believe me there is no joy in revealing this scandal to others.  Some are stunned and angry that your words and pictures would be made public, but the Church is incapable of dealing with this problem, and the only weapon we have is the truth.  If you can't handle the truth then you are part of the darkness.  At Vatican II we opened the windows to change the world and in our pride never considered that the world would change us.  Do we still "hunger and thirst for holiness”?  Can we find our humility again?  Do we still really want to be saints?  (Even if it means the cross!)  Pope Paul VI said, "the smoke of Satan has entered the sanctuary!"  That is true, but the darkness still runs from the light. 

I will pray for you, please pray for me!



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The following page contains material regarding a private email list whose members are self-described as "Gay Religious Brothers and Clergy of the Roman Catholic Church".

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