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Exhibit One

Gay Religious Brothers and Clergy 
of the Roman Catholic Church


A Private List


An excerpt from the site opening page follows:
(Current as of 12/21/99)

53 members

Age Level:
Adults only

This is a support group for Gay Religious Brothers and Clergy of the Roman Catholic Church. It seeks to be an area where men in orders and/or vows can share their lives and talk about their problems, concerns, joys and sorrows. It also seeks to be that place of spiritual as well as relational friendships. It understands that the Roman Catholic Church is struggling with the issue of homosexuality and the teachings of Christ as understood by the Roman Catholic Church. This list does not engage in this topic unless it is a personal issue for one of the members of the list. It does encourage the Roman Catholic Church to seek the "sensum fidelium" in an ongoing and open discussion and a prayerful consideration of all Roman Catholics in this necessary and important topic. Before I will approve membership, you must send an E-mail to me at the address listed. If you know someone already on the list, that will be helpful too.
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