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"The power of evil men exists and lives on the cowardice of the timid and the good." - St. John Bosco

"Who is going to save our Church? Not our bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes, the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops like bishops and your religious act like religious." --Abp. Fulton J. Sheen before the Knights of Columbus in June 1972

Through its inaction and silence, the American hierarchy has shown a willingness to sacrifice your children and your neighbor’s children (both body and soul) by covering up scandals and focusing their primary objective on avoiding embarrassment. The good news is, the laity have had enough, and with your help, all will be exposed and fresh air will once again enter the Church.

(by Stephen Brady with contributions made by several RCF members.)


 RCF update!

I find it very difficult to accept what I have found to be the truth. And the truth is that there are many bishops and even cardinals who enjoy lavish homes and rectories, eat at the finest restaurants, travel to expensive vacation spots, all the while ignoring the cries of the faithful—the faithful who want nothing more than for their children and grandchildren to know and live the One True Faith, the faithful who have made possible the bishops’ lavish lifestyle with their donations. Even worse, there are those bishops who, in an effort to justify their own sinful, lustful ways will present a perversion of the truth that will presumably allow them to sleep at night. Social justice—and not salvation of souls—is their trademark, and our children are their prey. Disturb their conscience with the truth and you will pay the price. They are encouraged by a hierarchy that fears man and has no stomach for battle. Peace at any cost—even the souls of our children mean less than their comfortable, powerful positions.

How can he say such things? you ask? I can say them because they are true and nothing will change until we expose those who abuse their positions of authority within the Church. Will you accept peace at any cost-even if that cost is thousands of lost souls?

RCF has repeatedly and formally protested the immoral activities of Bishop Daniel Ryan of Springfield, Illinois. His activities have scandalized the faithful and impeded his capacity as spiritual shepherd of the diocese. RCF has collected voluminous evidence of Bishop’s Ryan’s misconduct and has presented it to the Vatican, the Papal Nuncio in the United States, and Cardinal Francis George. On two different occasions, Church representatives informed RCF that the Holy See has known of Ryan’s problems for some time. These problems involve sexual misconduct against priests and other males, some of them minors, and have been described in previous issues of this newsletter. At one point during our investigations, RCF was contacted by Church authorities and offered a special "relationship" with the hierarchy if we would remain silent regarding our detailed knowledge of Ryan’s sexual misconduct. Not one person within the hierarchy showed any interest in this situation until it became obvious that great shame would fall upon the hierarchy as its negligence was about to be exposed.

RCF is not interested in a "relationship" with any member of the hierarchy if it means ignoring the cries of the faithful and allowing a deception to continue. Church authorities attempted to buy our silence with a promised seat at the head of the table. No, Thank You!

While the Chicago Archdiocese has made it public that they are investigating the charges against Ryan, no one from the archdiocese has interviewed the main priest accuser. Why?!

We have reason to believe that certain members of the Church hierarchy may have been involved in a cover-up of Ryan’s activities. Several questions need to be asked.

1. How much does Ryan know about other members of the hierarchy?

2. Who is protecting Ryan and Why?

One has to wonder how many other bishops are cut from the same cloth as bishop Ryan.

Through its inaction and silence, the American hierarchy has shown a willingness to sacrifice your children and your neighbor’s children (both body and soul) by covering up scandals and by focusing their primary objective on avoiding embarrassment. The good news is the laity have had enough! With your help, and with the help of Almighty God and the intercession of His Blessed Mother and St. Michael, all will be exposed and an authentic breath of fresh air will enter the Catholic Church in America.

RCF has begun formal investigations (partially as a result of information gathered in the Springfield diocese) of the dioceses of Joliet, and Saginaw, and the Archdioceses of Los Angeles, Chicago, and Detroit. These investigations are prompted by the pre-existing conditions brought to our attention which involve serious unremedied abuses. We have no desire to find problems where none exist. It does appear that there is a connection between what is going on in Springfield and Chicago, Detroit, Saginaw, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles.

There is something terribly wrong in a diocese when an orthodox priest is persecuted and a sexual predator is protected.

RCF has opened a door that leads into a world of pornography, sex, gambling, and clerical drunkenness. This world was a carefully guarded secret until recently.

Our fight is against Satan who appears to be in control of more than one diocese. To control the diocese he (Satan) must control the bishop.


In the May 98 issue of the New Oxford Review, Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz made the following statement: "....if authority isn’t exercised by those who are constituted to exercise it, others who are not constituted to exercise it will rush in and fill the vacuum." If only the so-called "good" bishops would do their job and exercise authority in defense of the faith as Bishop Bruskewitz has done we might find hope in the hierarchy. How pleased must Satan be with our bishops.

What does God require of our bishops? Moreover, what does it mean to be a Catholic?

"It is, then, perfectly true, that the Church does not allow her children to entertain any doubt of her teaching; and that, first of all, simply for this reason, because they are Catholics only while they have faith, and faith is incompatible with doubt. No one can be a Catholic without simple faith, that what the Church declares in God’s name; is God’s word, and therefore true. A man must simply believe that the Church is the oracle of God; he must be as certain of her mission, as he is of the mission of the Apostles."...And so again, when a man has become a Catholic, were he to set about following out a doubt which has occurred to him, he has already disbelieved. I have not to warn him against losing his faith, he is not merely in danger of losing it, he has lost it;...he fell from grace at the moment when he deliberately entertained and pursued his doubt." (John Henry Newman, The Treasury of Catholic Wisdom.)

Newman has just described many of our bishops.

"The Church is a community into which admittance is gained by Baptism. ...Moreover a man must make external profession of being a member of the Church, so that any one who breaks away, for instance, by heresy, no longer belongs to the Church in spite of his baptism, though he is not thereby freed from his obligations to the Church. Neither heathens, Jews, heretics, nor schismatics are members of the Church (Council of Florence), though children baptized validly in other communions really belong to it." (The Catechism Explained)


There is a remnant of clergy left who will not surrender—who are Catholic in every sense. Many are guiding RCF. One such priest was Father Alfred Kunz (RIP).

One of the last conversations I had with Father Kunz was on Justice in the Church. Father had told me, "In ordinary times you could find justice within the Church. These are extraordinary times and you will not find justice within the Church."

Father had offered his services to RCF and for over a year he had been working with RCF on the Bishop Ryan case.

In his "March Message" ( March 12, 1998) Malachi B. Martin refers to Father Kunz’s murder as "The Assassination of Christ's Hero." I tend to agree. More details of Father’s life and death are reported on in another section of this newsletter; but for now let us take a closer look at some of what Malachi Martin went on to say in his "March Message" concerning what we Catholics are up against.

"It is important to note that Catholics should be wary of those who reject legitimate Religious authorities, or who appear to be obsessed with the environment, and so called women's rights, while not respecting sanctity of unborn human life. Support for Luciferianism in the main stream media rarely comes directly, but is disguised as a plea for freedom of expression or belief. Similarly, support for witchcraft appears as a plea for tolerance and understanding of those who simply wish to return to a pre-industrial world where women could enjoy "natural well-being and spirituality without being oppressed by men".

"The point to be remembered about the many supporters of the Prince of this World, no matter what name they use in referring to him, no matter how lofty the ideals they profess in this name, is that we must remember ultimately he is the Prince of this World and is bent on corrupting any vestige of real faith. Already, he has made huge inroads, not merely in Academia (including supposedly Catholic Academia) but, in Catholic organizations and amongst the Catholic clergy not merely in North America but in South America and in Europe and in Rome.

Reflecting on the death of Al Kunz, we should remember the words the Lord Jesus spoke to the women of Jerusalem as He wound His way to Calvary, and came across them crying and weeping for the coming loss of His life:

"Weep not for Me", He said, "but weep for yourself and your children, because if they can do this to Me, the Greenwood, what do you think they are going to do to you, the dry wood".

If the evil of Lucifer can reach out —with God's permission -- to strike down cruelly a saintly man such as Fr. Alfred Kunz... we are facing a merciless opponent, who is supported by merciless supporters and agents!" Malachi Martin

What next ?

RCF is now pressing forward with investigations in the Archdioceses of Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and the dioceses of Joliet and Saginaw. However, we are still in the process of finishing up work in the Springfield Diocese.

We are working in one diocese at a time—all connected in one way or another.

We start with paper ads seeking information regarding clergy misconduct. These ads always bring a response—both positive and negative. Once loyal Catholics find out what we are up to—they usually join up. These individuals lead us to many others who have the information we need.

Next, we research court documents within each county of the diocese. Any criminal or civil cases brought against a bishop or his priests are sought.

Then we contact all parties involved in these cases. In many instances, the victims find comfort in knowing that somebody cares.

Next, public meetings following paper ads throughout the diocese.

All the information gathered is compiled to form a complete picture. In time, RCF will be holding press conferences in Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Detroit to expose what we have learned. Many priests, lawyers, journalists and everyday Catholics are now involved.

Back to Ryan and company!


Bishop Ryan came from the Joliet diocese where he was an auxiliary bishop under bishop Imesch. In the seventies Ryan was chancellor in Joliet, and we have found his signature on some very disturbing papers which are now court documents.

On January 4, 1993, a Joliet law firm filed a lawsuit against a diocesan priest and the diocese of Joliet alleging that this priest sexually abused "Joseph D". over 50 times in a seven year period. The suit also alleged that the hierarchy of the Catholic Church knew of the priest’s propensities and in an attempt to cover up this horrible situation and without regard to the children who would be abused in the future by this "prolific predator", moved him from parish to parish, even putting him in charge of altar boys.

In the late 60’s the priest named in the suit, then a young man, was sent to Joliet to enter the seminary there. He was sent from Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral. The pastor of Holy Name, Rev. T. Lyne is now Bishop,—the Bishop who recently filled in for Bishop Ryan (Springfield Diocese) after his gall bladder surgery.

The Chancellor of the Joliet Diocese, who handled the paperwork for the ordination of the priest named in the lawsuit, was Fr. Daniel L. Ryan, now bishop of Springfield!

Shortly after Bishop Imesch (sent to the Joliet Diocese from the Detroit Diocese) was installed as bishop in Joliet, he started receiving letters from parents concerning the activities of the priest named in the lawsuit. In his letter to one parent Imesch stated, speaking of the priest named in the suit, "I believe that Father ____ is an excellent priest..."

One last thing. Before his ordination, this priest admitted having a strong sexual attraction to members of his own sex!

(In the next newsletter we will give you a complete report on what we have found in court documents from Detroit and Joliet.)

A history lesson.

On September 30, 1981, Rev. Daniel L. Ryan was appointed auxiliary bishop to the Bishop of Joliet in Illinois.

Imesch came from Detroit where he, Cardinal Dearden, Bishop Untener and Bishop Gumbleton enjoyed their wonder years. Untener and Weakland recently spoke at Cardinal Mahony’s "Education" Conference in Anaheim, CA. which featured prominent heretics.

Joseph Imesch was ordained a priest Dec. 1956; an auxiliary April 3, 1973 and went to Joliet, Aug. 28, 1979.

Thomas Gumbleton was ordained a priest in 1956 and made bishop in 1967.

Ken Untener was ordained a priest June 1, 1963 and installed as bishop in Saginaw Nov. 24, 1980.

There is quite a network of bishops who trace their origins to the Archdiocese of Detroit.

Cardinal Dearden is widely acknowledged as the architect of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, of which he was the first president in the early 1970s.

Dearden groomed priests from ordination to the rank of bishop—who were well known as dissenters before they were named bishop.

Some of Dearden's men who maintained a low profile have since shown their true colors.

Obviously the most well known of Dearden's progeny in the hierarchy is Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, who for at least 30 years has traveled on the fringe of many leftist movements. He gave much support to the Communist regime in Nicaragua, and most recently has been on the lecture circuit promoting homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle.

There are two others of Dearden's progeny who are worthy of note with regard to their dissent from Catholic teaching and support of others who dissent. These are Bishop Joseph Imesch, of Joliet, Ill. and Ken Untener, of Saginaw, Michigan.

First, Bishop Untener.

During his days as a priest, Untener was very much on the fast track to becoming a bishop. He was a very close friend of Bishop Gumbleton. Indeed, for many years they played hockey together on a team of fellow priests.

For years, Untener wrote editorials for The Michigan Catholic, (the archdiocesan newspaper). He could always be counted upon to come up with the most liberal spin on any issue.

The world came to understand what Untener -- and the Archdiocese -- were all about in the late 1970s and 1980s when Untener was rector of St. John's Provincial Seminary, which served several Michigan dioceses.

At that time, the diocese was in fact being run by Bishop Gumbleton, who was vicar general and in charge of day-to-day affairs of the archdiocese. Also, Gumbleton's classmate, Joseph Imesch, was an auxiliary bishop in the Archdiocese of Detroit at the time, so one can presume they all had knowledge, if not participation, in some of the things that were going on in the seminary.

There were many rumors that homosexuals were being recruited for St. John's, and later evidence, that has come out in recent years, has confirmed that St. John's was indeed a virtual "hothouse" for gays.

A lengthy investigative report published in Catholic World Report (Dec. 1996) reported that the seminary was known to be very friendly to homosexuals.

St. John's Seminary was closed down in 1984 following an investigation ordered by the Vatican. The seminary program was moved to Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit.

RCF has learned from men who were at the seminary that the diocesan staff apparently worked very hard to prevent the Vatican delegation from learning the real truth about the seminary, but accurate information was indeed provided by other means to the Vatican, and the place was ordered shut down due to homosexuality.

RCF has spoken to several priests -- more than five -- who have confirmed that while they were studying at the seminary as students there was open homosexuality among students at St. John's seminary .

This situation came to light in 1980 when the Vatican announced that Fr. Untener was to be ordained a bishop.

The National Catholic Register reported in the fall of 1980 that Bishop Untener was running a sex desensitization program at the seminary that involved seminarians watching xxx-pornographic films.

The Register reported that one of the films shows several men masturbating, all the while discussing "the salvific mission of Christ."

Upon learning of this, the Detroit Free Press reported that the Vatican called Untener to Rome to account for his horrible program.

Untener told the Free Press that he went to Rome, returned back to Detroit, then went back to Rome with Cardinal Dearden and Bishop Imesch, who defended Untener and his sex program. This was within two days!

Sadly, the Vatican still allowed Untener to be consecrated a bishop.

In those days, when Untener was running the seminary and Gumbleton the archdiocese, the dissident group Dignity was growing in prominence in the archdiocese.

According to Dignity literature, Cardinal Szoka's office was working at that time to maintain Dignity at Most Holy Trinity parish. So, there is evidence that Szoka had agreed to maintain the homosexual network in place while he was in power.

Dignity held weekly Masses at Most Holy Trinity for 23 years, until last year when Cardinal Maida told the group to leave, but it took it more than seven months after the investigative piece was published in Catholic World Report, and after lots of pressure was applied by people with money who were complaining to the Cardinal.

The archdiocese to this day has denied that Dignity ever existed at Most Holy Trinity Parish in Detroit, even though individuals presented a photo of a huge Dignity banner hanging in the sanctuary of the Church and many newspaper accounts and advertising specifically identifying Dignity as active at the parish.

So, obviously, the archdiocese is in a state of very, very deep denial over its support of homosexuality.

Since Untener went to Saginaw, the diocese has seen extreme efforts to change the church in the name of feminism. The Wall Street Journal reported that Untener is considered to be one of the top three liberal bishops in the United States.

Meanwhile, Untener's friend and former colleague, Bishop Imesch, has continued to foster dissent from his post in Joliet.

Imesch headed up the U.S. Bishops committee that wrote the failed pastoral letter on women several years ago.

It is noteworthy that the early "consultants" named to work on the pastoral letter included several women who had signed advertisements favoring abortion and contraception and were well-known dissenters.

The network of dissent and confusion from Detroit continues today.

Cardinal Dearden groomed many men for the hierarchy, including Gumbleton, Untener and Imesch, all good friends.


A report on Detroit would not be complete without a mention of Call To Action (CTA).

CTA seems to have friends in very high places in the Archdiocese of Detroit.

According to the fall issue of the CTA of Michigan newsletter, Msgr. John Zenz, the moderator of the curia (which is equivalent to the being the chief executive officer for the archdiocese) and Msgr. Gerald Martin, editor of The Michigan Catholic both met with leaders of CTA of Michigan and CTA was delighted with what they were told.

Here's what CTA's Eileen Burns wrote in the first paragraph of her front-page column of the newsletter:

"The problem with you CTA folks is that you don't write letters; you are not as vocal and `out there' as Call to Holiness people are."

This comment was made by a local monsignor who felt that CTA was not as effective in dealing with the public on issues as it could be.

Further down in the column, Burns took the monsignor's advice and asked CTA members to join a letter-writing campaign of Catholics for A Free Choice in support of the TV show, "Nothing Sacred." Catholics for A Free Choice is the stridently pro-abortion group funded in part by Hugh Hefner.

On Page 2 of the newsletter, CTA of Michigan President Margaret Orlando explains in her column "From the President's Desk" how things went with the meetings with the top officials of the archdiocese.

"We then had our meeting with Monsignor Zenz and Sr. Barbara Celeskey (chancellor). Eileen and I think the meeting was helpful and honest. It gave us the opportunity to let the Cardinal know who we are as leaders of CTA of Michigan and what we would like to see happen between CTA of Michigan and the archdiocese. We tried to identify areas where we can work together and hopefully continue to dialog on that which we disagree upon. This was the first of what we hope will be an ongoing dialog. Maybe the next time Cardinal Maida will be able to give us some of his time. The door has been opened, the dialog has begun. We pray that the Holy Spirit will lead us both into what can be a supportive relationship."

Msgr. Martin is well known as big promoter of liberal causes, and is a big supporter Bishop Thomas Gumbleton and many of the Call to Action issues. He posted on the door of The Michigan Catholic the full-page ad from The New York Times supporting the silly TV show "Nothing Sacred." In his columns he periodically criticizes the various popes and frequently misrepresents Church teaching.

Msgr. Zenz presides over a chancery that is hardly orthodox, as all RCF members know. The mere fact that Msgr. Zenz met with CTA, the pro-abortion, anti-magisterial dissident group speaks volumes. Bear in mind that Cardinal Maida has refused to discuss any issues with RCF.

But there is good news in the Archdiocese of Detroit. The reason the CTA activists met with Msgr. Martin was to complain that Cardinal Maida had personally refused to allow an advertisement to run in the Michigan Catholic, overriding Msgr. Martin's decision to run the ad.

The cardinal then told Martin to run an ad for the Call to Holiness conference. Our friends at Call to Holiness said Martin held the ad up for more than a month before it was actually published.

It appears that Cardinal Maida is finally instructing his underlings to reject initiatives by Call to Action, but his bureaucrats, many of whom are career dissenters, do so only

reluctantly—if at all. And in the parishes, Call to Action has full reign.

The best news is that Sacred Heart Seminary is now being run by Bishop Allen Vigneron who is proving to be a man of considerable courage and holiness. He is the successor of Bishop John Nienstedt, who ran the seminary for about seven years, and also earned a reputation as being in line with the Magisterium.

In recent years the archdiocese has been blessed by the ordination of some very fine young men (and some who are not so young) who are rock-solid in their orthodoxy.

Bishop Vigneron issued a memo last October that denounced Call to Action as contrary to Church teaching, and asked that no members of the seminary attend.

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