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Roman Catholic Faithful Announces New Initiative Press Conference

Chicago, 4/23/24
On Tuesday, April 23 the Roman Catholic Faithful (RCF) will hold a press conference to announce a new initiative focused on protecting the interests of victims of child sex abuse (read more - PDF)

We plan to broadcast the press conference on our social media accounts. Check us out on Facebook and X (formerly Twitter)

RCF Investigates Money Laundering in the Catholic Church (Press Release)

RCF Announces "Operation Transparency"
(Press Release)

Church Militant Interview with Stephen Brady

Read the latest from Church Militant Here.

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The Homosexual Network's Death Grip on the Roman Catholic Church (from our 2000 Newsletter, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam)

Gay flag over the tabernacle for Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Mass, Chicago. This flag was later burned by parishioners under pastor Fr. Paul Kalchik, resulting in a massive wave of persecution against the priest.

Seeking Information-
Can you help?

We are looking for acquaintances of Cardinal Cupich. If you have information, contact

We are also looking for seminarians and employees of the Pontifical College of Josephinum in Columbus, Ohio during the years 1989-1996. If you were one of them, or you know someone who was, please reach out to us in confidence by emailing

Thank you!

Thank you to all who attended our conferences in Chicago,Rapid City, and Spokane - whether it was in person or online. We had great turnouts and people are fired up and ready to act!

A 3-DVD set of the Chicago conference is now available for a donation of $30 or more. Please click the DONATE button on the top of the column to the left. In the check out comments, just request a DVD set and we will ship to you via media mail. DVDs are only sent upon request, so if you are donating $30 or more, be sure to ask for a set.

RCF Needs the Help of Holy Priests in Chicago

We need the help of Holy Priests in Chicago!

By Stephen Brady

20 years ago, I had a phone conversation with the Chicago Cardinal. I was told by the Cardinal:

  1. If you keep your mouth shut, you can have a relationship with the Catholic hierarchy. I refused his offer.
  2. I was also told that if I did not keep quiet, we Catholics in our diocese would be stuck with our predatory homosexual Bishop, Daniel Ryan. I was told that the Vatican would not work through the press. Once again, we at The Roman Catholic Faithful organization refused his offer and we shouted from the rooftops. Bishop Ryan was removed!

Much of the sexual perversion that has found its way into the hierarchy is centered in Chicago. I learned this when we exposed the homosexual clerical website, “Saint Sebastian’s Angels.”

Some clergy have already stepped forward to help us. Give us the information we need regarding the homosexual clergy in Chicago and, God willing, RCF will again kick down the doors.

To the laity: I need to meet with a core group of Chicago Catholics to organize to set up a public meeting for RCF. Please contact RCF President, Stephen Brady if you can help.

Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc.
PO Box 251
Petersburg, IL 62675
Phone: 217-299-1196

CALL TO ARMS: See What We Need in Chicago

RCF is requesting background information to assure that the faithful are being properly catechized and that their children are safe.

We need your help in obtaining the following:

  • A current directory for parishes in Chicago. Please contact Stephen Brady before you send a directory to make sure that we have not already received one.
  • A database as well as PDF-format mailing labels current for every priest and religous in Chicago.
  • A directory of all Chicago-area homosexual hangouts, newsletters and magazines.
  • We need $800 to cover the postage for this mailing.

Chicago Catholics, please get to work so that RCF can work for you!

We are seeking information on Blazing Cupcake.

If you know who this is, please contact Stephen Brady.


Bishops Brom, Bernardin and Vlazny Revisited

We are trying to connect with an informant.

Stephen Brady is hoping to re-connect with an informant. He was a young man who contacted us in July, 2004 during the Lastiri investigation. He lived in the Fresno Diocese at the time. We will not divulge his name publicly in order do protect his privacy. To the informant from Stephen Brady: You told me about a priest you knew who adopted several boys and you gave me a few other details about your friendship with him. We want to contact you but are not sure where you're located at present. Please contact at your earliest convenience if you are this person!

Did you miss our conference in SPOKANE, WASHINGTON? You can watch it Here.


Roman Catholic Faithful Issues Challenge Regarding Chicago Role in Homosexual Priestly Abuse Scandal (9/24/18)

RCF's Response to Accusatory Bishop: 'Where is Your Apology, Archbishop Lucas?' (9/13/18)

Roman Catholic Faithful is Back in Action (9/8/18)


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Stephen Brady's interview with The Angry Catholic radio show on 7/11/20

Friendly Rapid City Hit Piece on RCF - "They are working on a larger agenda"

What it's like to be a victim of clerical sexual abuse

On 11/15/18, Stephen Brady was interviewed by Fr. Robert McTeague on The Catholic Current radio show on The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network. You can listen by clicking the play button above or by visiting the The Catholic Current website directly.


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