Note: The documents submitted to us below were scanned in a 90 degree counter-clockwise orientation. For most convenient reading, please right click the link, download the document, and read in Adobe reader by rotating 90 degrees clockwise.

Description Link
Initial Letter from Theresa to RCF HERE
Theresa's first letter to Bishop Conlon HERE
Fr. Gavin's letter to friends and family regarding his suspension HERE
Parish bulletin announcing removal of Fr. Gavin's faculties HERE
Theresa's follow-up to Bishop Conlon HERE
Theresa's letter to the Carmelite provincial, Fr. Harry HERE
Theresa's letter to Cardinal Cupich HERE
Cover letter to Bishop Conlon's response letter HERE
Bishop Conlon's response to Theresa's follow-up letter HERE
Theresa's response to Bishop Conlon HERE
Proposed settlement offer from the Carmelites HERE
Theresa's letter to the Bishop HERE
Response from Bishop's office to Theresa's letter HERE

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