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It's time to take a stand!
We need your help.

When our children are scandalized by explicit sex education in Catholic schools, when heresy is force fed to our children in the name of Catholicism in countless Catholic Schools and Parish Religion programs, when a pastor mutates the Mass into a vehicle for personal expression, when so-called Catholic politicians promote abortion without so much as a word from our bishops, when Holy Priests are persecuted by their bishops, when countless documents are sent by aggrieved faithful to the Apostolic Delegate and the Holy See with no clear results, when Catholic Bishops deny God before man for fear of losing their tax exempt status, when modernist priests and nuns are murdering the souls of our children and lip service is all we receive from those in red, it is time for the laity to stand up. RCF is ready to take that stand! Will you help? In the past six months we have received letters from Catholics around the world. They all tell the same story - perversion of the Faith by those who should be saving souls. Almost without exception, the cries for help we receive end with the same words, "It's about time, at last someone is going to do something". RCF recently sent a letter {in collaboration with an attorney on the west coast} to a American Bishop requesting his resignation based on information we received from priests and based on the morally bankrupt condition of this particular diocese. The following is taken from that letter.

"While working with...priests (from your diocese) we have come to learn that some of them have suffered abuse and persecution. One form of this abuse has been the sexual harassment of priests by Your Excellency, their Bishop. In other cases, we have learned that you have had consensual sex with priests. This is a scandal of the highest order and an affront to God.

"Accordingly, (as Catholics we are) requesting that you announce your resignation as Bishop within 5 days of the date of this letter. If you do not step down, (we) are prepared to take whatever other action is available to (us) in Canon Law and Civil law in order to effectuate your removal."

The following day RCF received a notice from this particular bishop's attorney threatening litigation against RCF members personally if we proceed in this matter. RCF believes it is time to take a stand, it is time to confront those Bishops who have played some part in the perversion of the Faith. In order to proceed, we must build a legal fund so that we are prepared to follow through in the event that legal action is taken against us. Now is the time to confront the disloyal bishops and send a message loud and clear. We have had enough!!

Will you help?

We have several attorneys helping and advising us. We also consult with several holy, orthodox priests from around the country. We must act now. Please print out and complete the form below and return it so we can move ahead.

Continue to pray, fast and proclaim the Truth, it is the only way!

Stephen G. Brady (President RCF)


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I can not provide financial help at this time, but I will continue to pray and fast for the success of RCF's goals.


Roman Catholic Faithful's goal is to defend the Holy Father and teaching of the Catholic Church. We object to individuals or groups of individuals being allowed access to Catholic Schools, Churches, and church property to promote any belief, teaching, or idea contrary to Catholic teaching as defined by the Holy Father and the Magisterium of the Holy Roman Catholic Church! We expect every Catholic Priest to follow the Disciplines of the Catholic Church as he promised to do.

We expect every bishop to do all he can to safeguard the souls of our children by exercising his authority to insure proper teaching within Catholic schools and Parish Religion Programs. We object to any priest treating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as his personal possession by adding, changing, or removing any part of the Mass on his own authority. When we walk into a Roman Catholic Church or school, we expect true Catholicism!! Is that too much to expect?



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Please print out this form, fill it in by hand, and enroll by including it with a $25.00 registration fee per family and sending to the address at the bottom of this web page. Your donation is not tax deductible. We have not sought the 501 C-3 non-profit status as it would impede us from expressing the TRUTHS in many areas. We have every intention of being vocal in regards to political elections when abortion/murder and other TRUTHS come into question. We intend, with God's grace, to help make the word Catholic stand for something once again!!



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