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AMDG is now online!
New issues will be posted as they become available.

  • SPRING/SUMMER ISSUE, 2001. Includes: False Charity and Phony Shepherds, An Introduction into the "Sexual Underworld" within the Church, Bishop Joseph Imesch, Entangled On The Web by James Hitchcock, Vatican Kept Quiet About Abuse, Rape, Abortion by Priests  by Michael Chapman, Francis Cardinal George, Archbishop of Chicago, claims ‘RCF has no evidence’.

    A must read! Now available in Adobe PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.

  • SPECIAL EDITION, 1999. Includes: United States Postal Inspector Threatens RCF With Criminal Prosecution, How Bad Is It?, RCF Calls for the Removal of "Education Commissioner" at Chicago Parish, Foreign Production Company Contacts RCF, Archbishop Corrects Spelling Error, New Book Detailing Vatican Scandals, Does Sin Have Consequences?
  • Winter, 1998/1999. Includes: RCF Update, The Prodigal President, Another Bernardin Legacy, Father Kevin M. Laughery, new pastor of Sacred Heart and St. Patrick Parishes in Springfield, breaks promise to Parish Council (Letter to the Editor by Pam Bultmann), Selling Sophia, The Movement to Create a Homeschool Ecclesiastical Bureaucracy, Bishop's Apology Checklist for the Year 2000
  • Fall, 1998. Includes: "For the Love of God", Ravaging Wolves in Shepherd's Clothing, "A Son By Any Other Name", Trying to Make Sense of Shame: Policies of Cover-up and False Denial are Unethical and Ineffective, The Many Faces of Cardinal Bernardin, Scary Seminaries, Archbishop Weakland to Host Radio Show, Bishop Celebrates Sin in Florida, Cardinal Hickey's presence at Untener Mass is a Slap in the Face to Orthodox Catholics, Saginaw: Portrait of a Collapsing Diocese, St. Peter Damien on Sodomy.
  • April, 1998. Includes: RCF Update, From Pope St. Pius X, The State We're In, Around the Diocese, Uncompromising Priest, RCF Anaheim Conference Recap, Facing de Facto Schism, Preserving Hispanic Culture, Arizona Bishops Fail, AmChurch Canonizes First Saint, Saginaw Ad Controversy, Letters!, Clinton Iowa, St. Camillus in Los Angeles, "Keep the Gate"

  • January-February, 1998. Includes: Of what use is authority if no one is willing to exercise it?—More Witnesses Emerge in Bishop Ryan Case—In the Dead of Winter—A Disordered Archdiocese: Cardinal Mahony and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles—Rev. George Parker Addresses Immaculate Conception chapter of CUF at dinner honoring Stephen Brady—Bullies Finally Identified—Jan 22, 1998, Day of Infamy: 25 Years of Abortion on Demand—Letters.

  • December, 1997. Includes: Truth, Justice and Pastoral Rule NCCB / USCC — Do they have a clue? — Dealing With Disgrace — Help Wanted in Clinton Iowa — Curando el Cáncer <Spanish> — The Evil of Liturgical Abuse — Holding the Campaign for Human Development Accountable — The State of the Church — The Los Angeles Archdiocese — Teaching Chastity — Call to Action or Call to Apostasy?

  • August, 1997. Includes: Fr. Malachi Martin Speaks Out! — "It's Time For A Little Gathering" — Donna Steichen offers support — Clerical Scandals in Indiana — Notre Dame Prep in Maryland — More

  • June, 1997. Includes "The Wanderer Interviews Father Malachi Martin" — Father Martin Joins RCF! — Is the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois Catholic? — A Priest's View — Death Comes to the Archdiocese — RCF Board Member Arrested While Praying! — St. Thomas More Lawyer's Guild Speaks Out! — Upcoming RCF Events and Meetings — The Good Priest — More.

  • May, 1997. Includes "Priest Correspondents Pot Pourri" — Rebuttal to Father Sparks by Donna Steichen —The American Chesterton Society — Holy Family and Father Brennan — The Human Life International Conference by Art Brew — Masonry — Homosexuality at St. Eugene's parish — RCF affiliates, chapters & friends.


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