"Keep The Gate"


I am sure a day of your life does not pass without the thought of the right or wrong of what we have undertaken. We are dealing with Christ’s Church, souls and salvation. If we act as Christ would have us act, lost income and sleep, upset stomach and heart ache are a small price to pay for the defense of the faith.

Can it ever be "an act of charity to allow ones neighbor to run headlong into Hell?" What then must we do when our children and our neighbors children are scandalized, lied to, and even raped by the one who promised to act "in the person of Christ?" What can we do when those who have the authority to act-will not act?

There is much at stake here and many decisions to make. Do we pray and nothing more?

Bishop Ryan has mocked the Church and destroyed the Springfield Diocese. Bishop Imesch questions Church teachings and has disgraced his office by comments he has made concerning the vow of celibacy. Bishop Gumbleton and Untener have been allowed to do great damage and not so much as a shot has been fired from Rome. Cardinal Mahony has promoted the teachings of heretics and apostates at his education conference and then has the nerve to challenge Mother Angelica. What can we do?

We must expose those bishops who have lost their way. We cannot judge their hearts but we can judge their actions. RCF needs your prayers, your ideas, and your financial support. With the Grace of God and the guidance of many holy priests we will do our part.

"During the reign of the Roman Emperor Claudius, a Jew from Palestine made his appearance in the eternal city, and attracted much attention in the Ghetto. He was a man of middle years, tall and upright. His pale countenance was marked by deep furrows, concealed in part by the frizzled beard. His black eyes, sunken beneath the protuberant brows, were seldom seen by men, so constantly were they cast down. But those who knew him well, bore testimony to the fact that the eyes were bloodstained from constant weeping. The sneering Roman might tell you that it was Peter, the Galilean, the head of a new sect among the Jews. A strange fanatic, who rose each night, when the cock began to crow, and wept for some transgression, until the burning tears had worn those furrows in his cheeks. Truly, were those furrows Peter’s scars of honor! Even as Judas had he compromised with sin. Even as Judas, had he betrayed the gate. Even as Judas, had he desecrated the temple of the soul. But, unlike Judas, he had pursued that sin to death. Unlike Judas, he had won back the gate. Unlike Judas, he had purified the temple. And now he bore he scars of conflict as undying proofs of victory.

At the last grand review, when the nations of this earth must needs witness the triumph of Justice and Truth, and bestow their plaudits on the victorious hosts, proudly may scars be borne, if one may say of all the sins and passions that caused those ugly marks during the battle of life: ‘They are all dead.’ Each and every one in turn was followed to its death. Each compromise and every moment of weakness has been atoned for. They are all dead.

Since with Peter, we have denied the Master and betrayed the gate, with Peter let us learn how to turn defeat into victory, and convert those gaping wounds of soul, that sap away our strength, into the scars of honor, that we may bear them without fear or shame for all eternity, as evidence of hard-won victories." (Keep The Gate by Rev. Joseph J. Williams, S.J.)

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