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No Social Justice For Orthodox Catholics!

Dear Mr. Brady,

For the continuing story in Clinton, Iowa, on the local Catholic peoples trying to save their old historic churches from demolition by the Bishop of the Diocese of Davenport, this is another update.

The State Historical Society of Iowa recently made another press release that a second gothic-styled church in the North End, St. Boniface, has been accepted as "eligible" for the National Register of Historic Places. This beautiful church of brick with twin matching steeples was built by Martin Heer, the famous German-American architect of Dubuque, who also designed the well-known Basilica of St. Francis Xavier at Dyersville.

This is our second old church in the North End which is now eligible for the National Register. Full listing will come only when the Bishop, as "owner", gives approval to its rightful status as a historic landmark. Both structures are, however, also eligible as of now for federal funding and other types of grants for preservation and restoration purposes.

But we believe both churches may be saved without taking the final step because recently the editor of the diocesan newspaper, the Catholic Messenger, ran a small four-line comment on the editorial page that the new $8,000,000 mega-church plan for the city’s parish "was not approved". The rejection by Church officials (presumably at the chancery) means the old churches have finally been opted for continued use because the pastor’s "vision" in the "spirit" of Vatican II has nearly bankrupted Prince of Peace Parish.

The officials of the State Historical Society of Iowa, however, are continuing their efforts to help us and others facing demolitions by such episcopal decision-making (which we call "flawed"). Yes, more and more of us are becoming aware that modernist bishops cannot tolerate even the least vestige of the pre-Vatican II era to be left standing...especially those old churches.

On June 11, 12, 13, an "Iowa Heritage Expo" will be held in Des Moines at the Iowa Historical Building (near the State Capitol). One of the many workshops will be on "Historic Churches Chat Room"— by Tom Small, wherein this official will "explore endangered historic churches and what can be done to protect the cultural heritage they contain." Tom runs PROJECT RESTORE for the State of Iowa, and he is a Catholic. He will feature our two churches in the North End, knowing all the horrors we have been through.

Yes, How terrible it is how unfaithful bishops can administrate to the people and that in the long run, only money talks. We reply: NO DOGMA, NO DOLLARS. And we must continue replying this way, even if these diocese are forced into bankruptcy.

Apparently, these bishops and their younger priests are going to have to learn the hard way: that there is a price on heritage. And that we ourselves are willing to pay, in blood, to protect our churches because of the Faith of our Fathers.

Anyone interested in this Iowa Heritage Expo because of problems facing church demolitions in your diocese, please write or call:

Tom Small, Director Project Restore
319 East 5th St.,
Des Moines, IA 50309

Sincerely yours,

Mary Ellen Eckelberg

Davenport Iowa

When the ad to the right was placed in a Davenport Iowa newspaper it brought quite a reaction from that diocese.wpe2.jpg (2231 bytes)

February 12, 1998 The Catholic Messenger, the newspaper of the Davenport Diocese ran an editorial blasting Roman Catholic Faithful. The article titled: "Join the anonymous ‘faithful:’ Pick a priest to spy on" covered almost half of one page of their paper.

In the article RCF "A tiny organization" was compared to "communist groups" and "Castro". The article went on to say in part:

"There are a few people in the Catholic Church today following this destructive path. Unable to let go of received habits and ways of thought, they have convinced themselves that today’s Catholic leadership is corrupt. Thet assume the mantle of revolutionary righteousness and adopt weapons of subversion to bring the Church back under a control they think they can understand."

Stephanie Block was kind enough to respond for RCF


Attention Catholics

Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc. is an organization made up of orthodox Catholics committed to defending the whole truth of the Catholic Faith and restoring the integrity of the hierarchy of the Church. We have members in all 50 states and 9 foreign countries.

We are currently investigating whether there may have been instances of clergy misconduct in the Davenport Diocese during the years 1993 to 1998. If you have any information regarding clergy misconduct, please call or write R.C.F. at:

P.O. Box 109,
Petersburg, Illinois 62675

Ph: (217) 632-5920 Fax: (217) 632-7054

No More Hiding! by Stephanie Block February 12, 1998

"Join the Anonymous ‘Faithful:’ Pick a Priest to Spy On" reflects the Diocese of Davenport’s contorted understanding of Roman Catholic Faithful. They must be running scared. Recent RCF ads have encouraged those with information about serious clerical wrong-doing to step forward. As far as the Davenport Messenger (the official newspaper of the Diocese) is concerned, this smells of communist subversion. The editors act as though altar boys who complain about Father’s fondling are no different than Hitler Youth tattling to the Secret Service about Daddy’s ideological impurity. Shame on them!

As a tool of the establishment, the Davenport Messenger has a lot at stake in what the RCF is and does. If the RCF is correct, and the local Catholic hierarchy has been covering up clergy misconduct, then friends of the local Catholic hierarchy will be in an uncomfortable position, too. If the RCF is correct, and a substantial number of pulpits have been seized by Catholic impostors, there’s a good chance that the Davenport Messenger is also succoring a few impostors.

For the record, RCF doesn’t need anyone with a gripe about Sister’s hot pants to send photographs. If there are snaps of her dancing at a coven, however, we’d be interested. Similarly, if Father is wasting his time before Mass in idle chatter, by all means, pray for him. RCF won’t be of much help to you. On the other hand, if he’s blessing homosexual unions in the name of the One, Holy, and Catholic Church, please send us tapes of the ceremony. You see, there is a difference between abuse and peccadilloes…at least in the mind of RCF.

Why should anyone who is aware of serious clerical wrong-doing contact RCF? There’s a good reason: when the local hierarchy has been unresponsive, collective action frequently puts a stop to abusive behavior. RCF has members in all 50 states and in 11 foreign countries. That’s a lot of upset Catholic laity, who are concerned about a great deal more than misplaced pronouns and a change of decor. They want Truth taught from the pulpit, as the Catholic Church has preserved it for 2000 years.

Oh, and we’re not anonymous. You can reach us at Stephen Brady’s number: #217 632 5920.

It’s too bad that the editors at the Messenger mistake dysfunctional family behavior - in which no one breathes a word about assailing moral nightmares - for healthy reticence and long-suffering. However, the Catholic side of this family is getting tired of having to hide under the bed.

(By the way, who wrote the Messenger editorial? The name was missing.)
Stephen G. Brady, President, Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc.

St. Ambrose University, in Davenport, IA. has an interesting advertisement on their web page listing for "Clubs and Organizations.".

"The Harbor is a group of individuals interested in affirming gay, lesbian and bisexual (GLB) persons within the St. Ambrose community. The group offers a support network for GLB persons, and provides outreach, awareness and education regarding gay, lesbian and bisexual issues."