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The Campaign for Human Development (CHD) and the United States Catholic Conference (USCC) in a recent mailing to priests has been promoting "Bernardin, A television portrait of the late Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, coming to Public Television in July.

"Since the founding of this country, religious leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr., Elie Wiesel, Malcolm X, and Billy Graham have helped shape how Americans understand both personal ethics and public politics. Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, in his own quiet, persistent way, was another great voice in the religious and political life of this country..."

"The documentary incorporates archival footage, photographs, and newspaper headlines to tell his story. Most importantly, though, it relies on interviews with a number of the people who knew him.

For instance, Martin E. Marty, a popular author on religion in America, points out Bernardin's passion for bridging the gulf between opposing camps:.."

"The journalists interviewed for the film provide insights into how Bernardin was interpreted by the media. They include: •John H. White, Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist for the Chicago Sun-Times •Eugene Kennedy, biographer of Cardinal Bernardin; •Kenneth Woodward, religion editor of Newsweek magazine; •Richard Ostling, religion correspondent for Time magazine; and •Daniel Lehmann, former religion writer for the Chicago Sun-Times.

In addition to Martin Marty, many other American religious leaders reflect on Bernardin, including: •Rabbi Herman Schaalman, Rabbi Emeritus; •Dolores Leckey, Fellow at the Woodstock Theological Center; and •Cardinal Roger Mahony, Archbishop of Los Angeles.

The documentary also includes some of the people who were closest to Bernardin: Monsignor Kenneth Velo, Bernardin's chief aide in Chicago and the homilist at his funeral; •Sister Mary Brian Costello, Bernardin's chief-of-staff in Chicago; and •Elaine Addison, Bernardin's sister.

Kevin, the long-time companion of Steven Cook (who accused Bernardin in 1993 of sexual abuse), consented to an off-camera interview."

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