Just a few days before Easter, the Catholics of St. Edmond’s, in the Chicago Archdiocese, had to endure liturgical dancers at Mass. As I said in the last newsletter, "Of what use is authority if no one is willing to exercise it?"



In the April 9-15, 1998 issue of the Illinois Times, Fr. Martin Mangan, of the Springfield diocese, brags of his success in naming a woman to replace him as pastor of St. James parish in Decatur. All this was done with Bishop Ryan’s approval.


Quincy University, Quincy, IL

The Falcon, (The Quincy Univ. student voice) the paper of the only Catholic College within the Springfield Diocese, ran an article titled "Millions of condoms have been recalled" in there October 30, 1997 issue. And I quote: "If you are sexually active and may have any of the previously listed prophylactics, please be smart and double check your protection. ...It may be wise to choose another brand, such as Trojan. Most brands have a variety to choose from. Also, there is always the Health department or Quincy Family Planning. Either of these locations can supply safe condoms."

The following note was sent to me recently.

Steve: There is an old adage: "You can’t fight City Hall!" Perhaps not. But your organization demonstrates one can break out all the windows! Your battle is similar to Jesus’ battle with the unworthy religious leaders that crucified Him. He prevailed. With His help, you will prevail. God Bless you and your cause.